Revolution Show Corps is a UK based marching band with family at its heart. Here, we are all about having fun whilst learning and creating friendships that will last a lifetime.

The band is comprised of brass, percussion and dance sections that we put together to give a high-energy entertaining sound, and a visual production which combines movement, fun and (most importantly) it is enjoyable to watch; for our members, members of other corps, parents and the rest of the audience alike.

We offer opportunities to follow your dreams of becoming a musician or dancer! Our junior section is ideal for beginners, and even has instrument hire available; and our senior section is for musicians that are competent on their instrument to combine their playing skills with marching and “drill”.

Each year our team of skilled writers develop an exciting and unique programme of music which showcases and builds on the talents of our members. When the music has been written, work starts on writing “drill” (the marching movements performed on field by the Corps). This is a long and complex process of fitting all of our members onto a field and putting together a visually pleasing performance, that fits with the music, and at the same time also conveys meaning, feelings and the show theme all in one!

Once the music and drill has been learnt, the Corps takes part in competitions all over the country and sometimes even ventures out of the UK to compete against other Corps from further afield.