Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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2 out of 2 for Revolution!


This past weekend saw revolution have another victorious journey to Upton upon Severn (not colchester if you saw mattys facebook status!)

An excellent rehearsal on friday night was followed by the usual panics. "Wheres my uniform", "Anyone seen the instruments", "Got the march pads?", and the best one had to be "The coach should have been here 10 minutes ago". In true style, as soon as this was said (thankfully) the coach pulled round the corner and olly could now breathe again.

After what seemed to be the longest time ever loading the coach (due to the fact it was the first time for many), the corps set off down to what we hoped to be a sunny day, just as it was in queensbury. Infact, i must be dreaming.... this is queensbury im talking about.

Anyway!.... We then got some disturbing news from Sophies mum that it was bucketing it down in the southern hemisphere. After many photos of sleeping people, we arrived to what was a rainy destination. Fortunately, this weather did change but half the members were baffled as it was too cold for t-shirts, too dry for coats, and too warm for jumpers, quite a strange one?
After a quick couple of runthroughs polishing up any last minute errors, members then quickly got into uniforms (of what they could find anyway) and got into the ready position. Uptons tuba line then was practising the spin so i (matty) had to try show off... sadly all i gained was a thumb the size of a melon.

We then had the worlds smallest warm up area, on a piece of plastic, which to my knowledge was probably the groundsheet from a 2 man tent. The corps had to warm up in two halfs just so we could fit on! As we came out we were greated by a BYBA official whistling part 3 of our show "songs of the quays", this was quite amusing as none of the corps even can recognise this!

After casually walking round the back of the field, we were greeted by Terry who was the man who moved the markers for the day (which i believe these days is quite an official posting!). A few notes to warmup and it was time to march on, A good confident march on left us raring to go with a great performance with only a handful of errors.
The corps then sat down, (or stood up taking photos) whilst eating chips and watching the other bands and corps.

We kindly had been asked by BYBA to lead everyone onto muster, so with a good sounding corps from the Gala the week before, we performed several marches whilst the other corps got on the field.

After the division 3 results we were a bit sceptical as to weather our results would be announced perfect, several bands did get forgotten in that division!
Onto the captions... Turnout - Ibstock, Field Visual - Upton YB, Field Percussion - Upton YB, Field Wind - Revolution!
From this point on, every result read out was Revolution. Deep down we knew we had won but were gutted as we thought we had to play again.
The final placings placed us first which ended with an almighty cheer from our fan (tracy's gob).
Luckily BYBA let us off so we didnt have to play again, so we hit the crowds with Soul Bossa Nova as we marched everybody off again.

Sadly, the coach had sprung a leak so several guard flags did get dirty, so had to be thrown away, this was the only downer to the competition.

The next issue was finding out that olly saw some quads up for sale... so he had to buy them... This meant for some reason (mainly due to the fact olly saw "special offer") we had to find a way to fit 5 sets of tennors in and 10 more trumpets!

After much squeezing and things falling out the other side, Jack managed to get the very last one in and we were ready to set off with all our trophies!

After a long coach ride home (many more sleeping photos, and pirate photos), Revolution ended with a well deserved party and some rest!

By Matty Wrigley

scouts - be prepared...