Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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Georges Day (Bradford) Report


Local report in the T&A :-

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The Corps put on a 1st class display in both sound & performance. The parade was just long enough to get our 8 marches in, but Church Bank (think of a long step hill) certainly got the phat lads puffing !

After a fairly interesting service (brains) we reversed the route, I always enjoying playing against the high buildings as the sound bounces off and we sound really powerful.

Arriving back at Centenary Square,  once the parade was dismissed we played two new pieces - Makanna and La Pantera, having played many moons ago it was good to rediscover them.

The crowd was big and good to play in the sun, makes a change from rain & snow.

Thanks to the help on the day, 18 brass was 'lovely' and the percussion section certainly had a good day at the office.

Keep working on our stamina we'll have the finished product. Next week we have Halifax Georges Day, a good finish to what we hope is a successful Visual Camp.

By Oliver

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