Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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End of Season Party & Awards REVIEW


End of Season Party & Awards REVIEW

Its' the end of one of the most successful years Revolution Show Corps has seen recently and that can mean just one thing......... Party!! Therefore on the 21st of November we threw on our poshest frocks and suits to descend upon the Queensbury Conservative Club for what promised to be an interesting night.
It was great to see some of the old faces (not to mention some of the people we hadn’t seen in a while ;) and that was just the staff!) and some unfamiliar ones; It seems some of our members have fans from Halifax BBGB.
We kicked the night off with a stand still performance of our 2008 show 'Rock and Rail' which went down well with the audience who were still on their first few drinks and not quite oblivious yet.
The pit entertained us playing Sailors Hornpipe (the theme from Blue Peter) faster and faster until nobody could actually see their sticks and smoke rose from the keys. It was then we figured out why
Julie Gelder was nervously clutching a fire extinguisher during the performance. As their hands cooled down the pit were awarded their trophies and took to their seats as the action moved to the dance floor.
Next up were the Colourguard dancing to Regina Spektors 'The Call'. The guard have certainly progressed over the past season as they danced a beautiful dance with grace and confidence. But then again, I am biased as i wrote the dance and taught the guard it ;). As well as their trophies and embarrassing pictures the guard were each given their uniform top framed in glass along with a photograph of them all. Very touching!
The hornline then performed a stirring rendition of Meatloafs 'Bat out of Hell' arranged by our very own
Matty Wrigley. Before they could scarper off to the bar the hornline were individually pulled forward to be awarded a very attractive trophy (later to be used as shot glasses....or so i heard) whilst oblivious to the embarrassing picture which had been projected behind them. Jack Chambers was also awarded the prestigious 'Oopsy Daisy' award for starting a show on the wrong side of the field and therefore creating some of his own amazing drill (watch out Richard Haw!!) just to meet back up with his fellow players.  

Last but not least we welcomed the drumline onto the stage with the addition of a few non-drumline ladies........well, mostly ladies anyway. Robert Batty did his best and did look beautiful however there were two very important things missing to complete the transformation if you get what i mean ;). So we were treated to the most unusual drum-off the Conservative Club has ever seen - the real drumline in 'chav' clothes v.s the female staff (plus Rob) in ballgowns, workboots and carzy knee socks. By this point you can imagine how much alcohol had been consumed by all and so the ladies drum line didn't quite go as planned........ but ah well, i think they were still impressive (yeah you guessed it, i was in that girls drumline too!) After the drum line's trophies were awarded the Claire Tewkesbury Award for member of the year was awarded to Matty Wrigley. Congratulations Matty! 

As everybody settled down they were surprised to see Helen Richardson take to the stage to introduce 'The Mighty Fighting Chihuahuas!' No idea who they are? Nor had we until High School Musicals 'We're All In This Together' played and onto the stage came a very strange looking ensemble. Michael Seymour, Robert Batty and Matty Wrigley all wore basketball outfits and looked pretty good but i didn't reckon much to their dates - Oliver Richardson, Trevor Biggs and Josh Face looked dodgy to say the least in full cheerleaders outfits complete with leg-warmers and make-up. Needless to say a couple of kids in the audience did cry. Hilarity ensued as these brave lads had actually learnt the official 'we're all in this together' dance with some added bum shakes and quite an impressive pyramid!  

All that was left now was to hit the bar and have a good night until the Conservative Club had to close (much to our protest) and the party carried on elsewhere at a very private location... bet you can't guess where though?
Revolution's members are certainly creatures of habit! Thank you for a great night everyone!

Written by Carly Bourne, Guard instructor and general helper out. Assistant to
Michelle Haw; particularly when she gets too drunk to remember the night and therefore cant remember anything she was supposed to write about. Tut!! dirty stop out ;)

Link to High School Musical Performance

By Carly

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