Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day

Well, a year later, and we're at it again. Getting out the thermals yet again for another freezing cold Remembrance day parade and service, in sunny (well, every now and then) Queensbury.

Friday night came the official Remembrance Sunday corps rehearsal, a bit thin on the ground with birthdays/holidays, we cracked on with re-learning hymns, marches, cadences and were ready for us to give it all on Sunday.

Sunday came and everyone had turned up who was there on Friday, ready and raring to go, then Olly seemed to open a cupboard where another 21 musicians fell out.
The uniform box came out again, for the 3rd time for all the ringers we had. After sorting everything out the week before, we still had the usual of:

  • Where's my scout shirt
  • Jess has my shoes on
  • And then Josiah : "why do I have brown trainers in my shoe box?"

Eventually, everyone found their uniforms and shoes and were ready to start playing.
After a quick blow through a few of the hymns to get us warmed up, and a few sectional pictures, we ventured outside into the freezing cold ready to show the crowds what we still do good.

We led the Scouts round to meet the old boys, stepping off to Long Way to Tipperary, unfortunately the drummers forgot the drum cadence so we got on with the rest of the marches, including; Great Little Army, Anchors Aweigh, Normandy Veterans, Soldiers of the Queen, and to finish off with, War Songs, a medley of traditional songs composed during and in remembrance of the two world wars.

After a short stop, the bassline realised how cold it was, so Trev passed around his hand warmer.

This year, the parade was set off by Nick, our group scout leader and we set off up to the Cenotaph.

On arrival at the Cenotaph, we were greeted by massive crowds who were there to remember the soldiers of the wars.

Mike, our lead trumpet player, did us proud on the Last Post and Reveille, which marked the 2 minutes silence.The 20 strong brassline of the corps then played "Eternal Father" as the families of the dead and organisations left wreaths in remembrance of loved ones. After 3 verses, that felt like 20, we then played "Abide With Me" for the locals to sing along to.

Once we had finished getting even more cold, stood still, we set off onto the church, and experienced some of the highest winds ever seen on parade. Poor Me (Matty) and Guy were nearly blown over!

Upon arrival at the church, we counter marched which baffled half of the scouts, Josiah ended up not being able to play due to someone stood in front of him.
This years church service was different, due to the fact that it was actually warmer in church than outside, something which never used to happen on remembrance day. During this service, half of the low brass had no hymn sheets, so decided to sing bass parts to the music to compensate for this.

Mike left the corps to once again play the last post, this time, inside the church. After a really strong performance from Mike, the rest of the brassline cracked in with our national anthem "God Save the Queen".

After this we all ventured outside for the 2nd half of the parade, when we thought it had got even colder, due to the fact we had been keeping warm for the last 30 minutes.

The bass drums did us justice by playing the beat slightly faster so we could get back to the HQ, this, that the brassline had gone through the pad nearly twice by the time we were back. As soon as we arrived, we had our dismissal from Nick, the GSL, and the whole corps practically ran inside to fall out. After quickly packing the trailer, 30 of the corps then ventured to Toby Carvary for a well earned meal.

Special mentions go to ringers for the day, Guy, Simon, Eddy, Michelle, Matt, Gemma and Helen.

Well done to the new members out on parade Tyler, Rhianna, Alex, Aidan, Erin (also drum major)

And a special thanks to Georgia and Georgina for being my (Mattys) music stand for the day!

By Matty Wrigley

scouts - be prepared...