Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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Show Report - 1st Show


Show Report - 1st Show

The usual panic was in full flow as we prepared for the 1st Show of the year. The week before we had a Gala so little opportunity for a rehearsal. We managed 1hr in the morning, but we were still trying to remember the final piece just marching it yet along playing it!

The night before the Contest (Friday), we were yet to do a full run through or timing. The main problem was we couldn't get start to finish without having collisions, bits we forgot and general paddies (mention no names!)

8:55pm, and 5 minutes before we have to stop playing, we did a full run through, it was a pretty good one but was it a fluke?

The morning of the Contest arrived, hopefully nobody got in a deep sleep overnight and forgot the whole show! We had a quick march through in the tennis courts at the venue, managing to play the opener to dust of the cob webs.

Into Uniform we marched on with confidence, just bluff the judges we said. Judges ready and we were off. Nerves got us at the start but by the time the trumpets had entered we were in full flow and rocking!

The whole show went to plan - extremely well. The 'go on phat lads' from Heather might have just done the trick. Playing in rather warm conditions it was certainly a heavy blow! We were already into Novus before I knew it, the hit felt really good even if it was a bit of a task getting into it (breath in Josh).

Paint It Black was nerve racking as it was the least untested, however it went really well. The drum break was a god send and sounded excellent (the drums were having a great show) and as we hit the last set we screeched the last chord.

Now was the most difficult part of the show, getting off the floor! We were all well happy and the comments from parents and supporters was all positive.

Onto muster for results, laughing that we won't need the march pads to play off we crossed our fingers and listened to the results.

They started off as predicted, Lancers got the first three captions which were all the field aspects. Onto the effect and we started to pick them up getting three and a tie with Lancers on the other. So it was three apiece. Those who have been in the game as long as me and Trev know it time to start praying (or something similar) as it's always within a few points.

Results in reserve order and we had managed to go untouched. In 2nd place.... Lancers..... we had done it, 1st place REVOLUTION !

We were all over the moon, we forgot how to celebrate it had been rather a long wait since our last 1st place. Everyone hugged and screamed with excitement. What a brilliant feeling - we had said the week before we'd be happy with 5th and just to get out there.

Onto my favourite bit of the day, (after winning) playing off and going through the waiting bands clapping us off, great way to reward the efforts.

Huddle and pics after, what a great day and the best possible way to start the season.

By Oliver

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