Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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St Georges Day Parade - Halifax.


Sunday 20th April saw the Corps undertaking the first of their two St Georges Day parades.
Supporting Halifax District Scouts and Guides the parade was also our first official outing of 2008.
Stepping off from Eureka car park we smartly lead the parade to the parish church, about half a march away, now that’s what you call a parade!
With a short break for the church service the guard section had a rehearsal and the rest of the Corps chilled out, warmed up, either sat in cars or used the facilities of the local public house.
As the parade formed up we were joined by Halifax BB & GB band who would be leading the Guides contingent.  Unfortunately the main parade is some what longer and involves a few more hills than the short hop to church, much to the disgust of Mat who hails from Hull and thinks a speed bump is a mountain.
On completion of the parade we entertained the Scouts and Guides with a couple of tunes including the now traditional performance of Hot Hot Hot with the chaps from Halifax.
A big thanks must go to our ringers for the day, Mat who is Olivers stunt double, just incase the wife decides to be inconsiderate and go into labour on a gig day, and to former band master and leg-end Mr. Simon “Arbuckle K Crapbasket” Ainge, who it was great to see after an absence of a few years.
Finally a huge well done to those on parade for the first time: Alisha, Beth, Robin, Lauren, Natalie, Abi and Lucy. 

By Andrew

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