Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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BAND CAMP SUNDAY 16th September


BAND CAMP SUNDAY 16th September

Last day of camp... The day started off at 7.30am everyone feeling bright and breezy apart from Damo who had a few too many Magners which he got rid of over Trev's airbed. We all gathered outside for breakfast which was beans on toast. After recovering from the evening before, Happy feet (Matty) decided to have another go at the Beans. After breakfast we had half an hour break, everyone went to finish cleaning the room.

10.00am at the Batley Bulldogs Stadium, the Corps set onto the field for warming up, they started by sitting in a circle doing there usual stretches listening to the radio. Once stretched the corps had a quick lap round the field Jack carrying the radio on his shoulder so the music could follow us round. Once stretched and warm we started by doing some basic drill to get the minds thinking about the day ahead.

We started the show rehearsals with 'Best years of our lives' trying to clean up any loose ends of drill. We quickly moved onto playing and marching improving the dynamics within the music. After cleaning best years we departed for lunch which was the Belgium favourite of cheese and ham sandwiches but... we got salad this time so it wasn't all bad.

After lunch we assembled on the field for the second half of the afternoon to clean up the drill for 'Schools Out' spending about half an hour on the mallet entry. Quickly moving on to the brass entry we cleaned the drill all we had to do was add the music. We soon got the drill and music put together to finish off with a few run through's of the show to finish off with an excellent performance for all the parents which came to watch.

"Well done to all the Staff and Members for a worth while weekend."

Damian aka Damo.

By Oliver

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