Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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150th Performance


The Corps last December was involved in the early stages of putting on a summer concert to celebrate Queensbury been 150 years old. The organisers had managed to secure a headline act, no other than the Black Dyke Band !! The date was set, only 3 days before our own Contest, making it definitely a busy week!

The night arrived, on a lovely summers evening. We provided background music as the 300 sell out audience arrived. The tickets were hot property, with many unable to get tickets as they sold like hot cakes. The night was a mixture of local organisations providing the story to a narration of how Queensbury went through the years. Our 1st main part was when Queensbury had a railway, so we gave a blast of 'Crazy Train' which tied in when we did Rock & Rail thee from a couple of years ago.

Then the headline act turned up, I know the Band (Black Dyke) is world class, but they were on fire. I have never heard them play so good. They played one of their signature tunes 'Queensbury' which was just amazing. All the audience was on the end of their seats. Then it was us, eek. We played Part 2 of this years show. I've marched on after your Company's & Kidsgrove thinking 'boy we've got our work cut out today' this was like been thrown to the lions!! However we equipped ourselves really well, even Black Dyke gave us a clap and listened to us throughout. I was really pleased for us to be in the same room as these guys, hopefully we can get them down one day to give us a Master class.

Black Dyke then finished there set and into the interval, free popcorn from Tesco, must of had 3 boxes of that for my tea :D

Onto the 2nd half, we played at the end to a tune called 'Top OF The World' what involved 2 bands and a choir, it went really well and was excellent to see so many people performing. All in all a great night for the Band & Queensbury, raising our profile once again.

By Oliver

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