Tuesday, 12 November, 2019

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Review of the 1st Show of the Season


Review of the 1st Show of the Season

My aim after Finals is always to get a Corps out on the field the following year. 1/3 of the Corps this season is either new, or on a new instrument, however I was pleased to be stood at our 'home show' on the field, thinking in an hour we'll be producing the goods and a major tick in the box. 

Only the week before our 1st baritone player had secured a job abroad and gone, and we had not completed a full run. All credit to the members, and Matty stepping in, we pulled out the stops, some sets of the show we had to gloss over just so we could 'wing it' and get to the end. 

There had been a lot of organising for our Show, and to add to it been the 1st one of the season, the pressure was on. For the BYBA performance having watched the 'replay' on YouTube it's a very creditable performance, with some very good moments in terms of music and visual, and in some cases both at the same time! 

Lining up for the results, it was twitchy as all 3 units were taking captions. As I guessed having watched Warwick & Doncaster who had cleaner performances, Revolution was 3rd, however a relatively small margin behind with plenty of scope. Winners of Division 2 on the day was Doncaster, who looked as surprised as you would do winning the Lottery without a ticket, well done to you guys who had a spirited and entertaining show. 

After the results, the Corps fed & watered, we were going to rehearse but I decided against it, the temperature was getting up, and apart from a couple of tweaks it was very much try add another 20% to the performance in DCUK. 

The DCUK performance (having again watched it on YouTube) was another good account of what we can do, some mistakes crept in which weren't there in the morning, however other areas dramatically improved. We did run out of steam in the last minute of the Show, which mainly due to the lack of run throughs I thought we gave a good account of ourselves. The bonus is we have 2 sets of judges' tapes and 2 performances under our belt which will hopefully spring board us into the Show next week. 

Onto the results, a betting man would have had us last based on all other units are Division 1 or higher (and most open age). The results were very good including a 4th in Ensemble Visual, and 8th out of 9th  

All in all a pleasing day with plenty of positives to taken away, knowing we have plenty of scope to improve. We are already on a complete redesign on the props, and have plenty to ponder. Next stop Nottingham this Sunday.

By Oliver

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