Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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Northern Preview in a Shed


Always an excellent event on the bands programme, it's just a mad dash to be ready, ah ha, not this year! We’ve done the event every year since it started, the 1st one (2001) being in Warrington at some Barclays bank entertaining place. The venue for this year was as good as any, and if I'm not allowed to sit on the fence, it was the best yet. From the outside it looked like a tin box, cleverly named 'The Blue Shed' I was thinking this was something off 'Dr Who', small from the outside, but huge inside! 

Despite needing night vision to find your seat, the seating was ample and well set. We watched the first couple of acts, all doing really well for this time of year. Off to warm-up, it was warm outisde, lets just say we could of run the mellophones under a bus and they might have been more in tune. The warm humid weather made our tuning go completely out, and I was getting a bit anxious, the wife calls is stressed! For once Helen was right and I wasn't, inside there was no issues. Once Ben arrived a week late for warm-up, we were all set and ready to perform.

Into the venue the atmosphere was relaxed and a delight to play in a good venue. Pete was making his debut on the box and living it up much to Becca's amusement. A strong entry from the Contras and Baris had us well set. Everyone was performing including the guard and the audience was giving an excellent response. Piece 2 (my favourite) was over in a flash. Into P3 and Marc's solo, despite having a nose bleed as we were waiting to go on, did a good job. At this point I was thinking does my solo in the next tune start on a 'C' or a 'D'. Could be interesting, like anything just do it and stop thinking tactic worked. We hit the final chords of the show and it felt like a really good performance.

I came off dripping, along with most of the other phat lads. The instructors were all really pleased and the feedback I got after was very positive. I'd had made my own mind up anyway, really pleased especially with the drums, a good solid foundation to work from now.

All in all a very good night, something I did think about when we registered for the event we had 27 members, on the night we had 32 so it's a good yard stick the hard work of the Instructors particular Clarkey & Helen for getting the juniors ready.

On the Sunday we had a productive show rehearsal, rounding off 4 days of band in 5 days. Thank you to the members & Instructors for a really good effort, and parents showing us support on Saturday night. We really do have the nosiest fan club, I blame Joanne.

4 weeks to the 1st show, will we be ready?

By Oliver

scouts - be prepared...