Wednesday, 20 November, 2019

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A Quiet Summer?


A Quiet Summer?

Having had a busy summer, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the successes since the last Show.

2 drumming workshops with Richard Wilson

Took part in the Olympic Challenge in conjunction with The Federation raising £180.

1 Gala in Chorley, excellent turnout and a short (long) parade earning a good fee.

Bass drums have done extra rehearsals work on technique & show music.

Colourguard have had numerous extra rehearsals to complete their show.

Brass have learnt Jallalibad and relearned the classic 'A-Team'.

Garage tidied (10 huge bags to the tip) and more space secured underneath HQ.

4 trumpets, 4 mellophones, 6 baris and 1 contra purchased.

Secured Contest venue for 2011, confirmed with BYBA, just waiting for go ahead to publicise.

New indoor facility secured at reduced rates in Queensbury, which is large enough to march the show - ideal for those rain drenched Sunday afternoons.

Had a Show Rehearsal Sunday 20th putting in new changes and cleaning segments.

Worked every week on drill technique, pleased to report its getting much better and more consistant.

So much for a quiet summer! The corps return to Competition next Sunday with a Camp at Batley on the Friday & Saturday. 

By Oliver

scouts - be prepared...