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Guy's Dublin Blog


Guy's Dublin Blog

Another Country, Another Parade
I have lots of Irish ancestry but had never once been there.  I see the Dublin ferry departing from Liverpool every day and wondered what was over that horizon.  So when my band secured an invitation to march in Dublin's main St Partick's Day parade last week, I keenly accepted!

We were the ninth of ten marching bands in the parade, in front of a massive American college band which turned up in four coaches (to our one).  In fair weather, we did the two mile parade through the heart of Dublin.  The route was lined ten to fifteen people deep throughout, with people having climbed up lamposts and sat on top of bus shelters.  There must have been hundreds of thousands of people watching us, including the President, Mrs Mary MacAleese, in a VIP grandstand in O'Connell Street.  I remember the green, white and orange everywhere, and lots of leprechaun costumes.

The experience was wonderful but very tiring.  Incredibly, as soon as we had finished the Dublin parade we had to drive for 45 minutes to do another parade in County Kildare.  It was good to see another part of Ireland.  When we arrived there, the parade had already set off so we had to march in double time to catch it up.

The next day we squeezed in a show at the Guinness Storehouse.  In return for a 40 minute performance, we gained a free tour of the brewery including a complimentary pint of the black stuff in the top floor Gravity Bar with tremendous views of the city.

By Guy

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