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Day 1 - 16/03/2010

7:00 - The corps met bright and early ready to prepare, butties had been eaten and it was time to start packing the coach! After a quick meeting from corps director olly, we started to pack under our new way of "Take your own instrument and bag, nothing else", this helped us get the coach packed quickly and effectively and everything managed to fit in... just! We then packed ourselves onto the bus and were ready to depart.

7:52 - The corps set off to Holyhead Port to board the ferry.

10:45 - Half way there and we stopped at services for "Buckets of coffee", as described by trev, provided by costa coffee.

13:30 - The ferry set off with us all on board with over 18s in the bar and the young ones up on top deck catching the limited rays of sun.

19:30 - The corps has just finished eating their meal which was vegetable soup, sandwiches and chicken.

8:10 - Some of the older members of the corps will be going into Dublin city centre tonight to sample some of the nightlife as the rest of the corps relax back at the hotel. 

Tomorrow we will be up at 8.00am and doing 2 parades throughout the day, followed by staying local to the 4 star hotel whilst sampling the local produce.

Day 2 - 17/03/2010

A full irish breakfast was served this morning in the hotel. Many sleepy people were feasting on everything from sausages, to apples. This morning was quite a vast sleep in compared to the morning before, up at 7.30.
We boarded the coach around 9 for our first parade so we could get there before the roads all were closed in dublin. Contras decided it was time to start making some form of music stand for the instrument, of which only one worked, however in true bass line style, music was made up.
The start of the parade, to matty's discomfort, we were greeted by Americans, from the North Carolina State Univesity marching band. Ask him for more information...

After having a few conversations with fellow band geeks, we arced up to play for the other bands several of our static pieces, these went down a wonder with the germans!
After a 2 and a half hour wait for the parade to start we then got ready to take our place on the parade, with contras wearing their new sectional hats, (please see pictures later on for them), we took part in the parade.
Now, this is totally different to one of our usual parades which lasts half an hour, 1 hour and 3 quarters later, we finished the parade, with our arms and legs dropping off - literally!
We then found our first slight problem of the week. The coach had sprung a leak, meaning power steering had left the vehicle. This then made trev a new job, to help the driver turn the wheel... imagine the chuckle brothers after a few pies!
On to our next parade, which we had to catch up with after being half hour late. This went down a storm with members of the band who were already falling asleep after our lengthy walk through the centre of Dublin.
After the 2nd shorter parade of the day we were treated with pizzas and sandwiches free of charge!
A few near misses on the coach on the way back left members with seatbelts on for once which was all good!

Some members are now sat in the bar sampling some of the finest food and drink.

Day 3 - 18/03/2010

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, at the same time and the same food. This meant with that day of experience the day before, we could get our food quickly and effectively and get scoffing!

A quick tidy up in each room and packing completed left us with the last job of all in the hotel - check out! Check out went smoothly and the bus had done its 48 point turn to get us out of the car park.

We then headed off to the Guiness storehouse in Dublin to earn our free trip into the museum by playing for the visitors to the museum. Usual marches were played followed by a few statics and pieces from years gone by.

Onto the tour, most adults then went straight up to the bar to claim their free pints, while the rest of us had a quick walk around the museum and shops. Gifts bought for parents + friends, all of the Guiness brand as you would expect. Some people took advantage of the packs of two - for example matty - buying a pack of two tea towels, one for mum, one for dad... job done!

A few more tight corners to go round then on the coach with trev helping to steer as usual, earning his keep and we had arrived in dublin centre. The band then split up and went to get either food or leprichaun figures. Just as we were returning to the coach, trev and paul (the coach driver) were again doing a 48 point turn.

After a few more corners without power steering we ended up at Dublin ferry port where we boreded the Stena Line ferry.

The ferry trip can only be described as "interesting"!
Now, as im sat on the ferry, im surrou nded by many people either asleep or looking very green. Having just been up on top deck - i can safely say that this has to go down in history of one of the worst weather band trips for a while, certainly in the younger members time anyway!

Trev has just explained his last picture taken of being of the "formation feeling sick team", im sure the picture will explain when we get it!

Members really enjoyed the week and staff too. For pictures please check back here soon.

By Matty

scouts - be prepared...