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Remembrance Day Parade


Remembrance Day Parade

Remembrance Day 11 Nov '07

The Corps did an outstanding performance for the Remembrance Day Parade held in Queensbury. True to recent form the weather held out and whilst being rather cold it stayed dry ! We led the parade with Scouts, Brownies & Guides in tow. An excellent turnout, and once again we had our larger than life baritone line (hopefully Batty's Dad won't complain this year about too much bass). Can you ever have too much bass?

We marched down to Victoria Hall, quick stop and then to the Cenotaph. With this being our only formal public showing in Queensbury, we always try to give our best possible sound (I'm sure there are plenty of brass bandies in the crowd). The hymns went with out a glitch and Mike did really well with the 'Last Post'.

I'm not sure if the Legion join us at this point, but we march a short distance to the church. It felt warm inside so it really must of been freezing out! A pretty decent service, I think the Vicar had written it esp for Trev celebrating the big 'Four Zero'.... 'remember when'?

Service finished, the bass drummers must of been cold as we marched back at a fair old tempo, saluting at the Cenotaph, then a drop off at Victoria Hall. The final leg back to the HQ and still sounding strong.
Due to camera failure (the wife borrowed it and didn't charge the batteries) we are lacking pictures. If you do have any from the day please please send them on, my email is on the contact section.

On behalf of the Staff, well done to all members. Special mention to Georgia, Adam and Jess doing their first parade with Revolution. Also thanks to the 'ringers' of Guy, Phil & Helen - your support is very much appreciated.

Finally a few of the older end popped out to an all you can eat, 'Phat Lad' (OK that's me) got every penny's worth at the all you can eat. Picture to follow....

Oliver Richardson
Revolution Show Corps

Trumpets: Olly, Mike, Josh, Damo, Jess, Tash & Rebecca
Mellophones: Jack & Helen
Baritones: Josiah, Trev, David, Jack, Matty & Gemma
Bass: Guy
Snares Patty, Phil & Julie
Basses: Danny & Adam
Cymbals, Georgina, Georgia & Helen

By Oliver

scouts - be prepared...